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                    Hard Times Bible
                       - A little book filled with hints and tips aimed at helping you to make cuts that won't hurt too much, but will make a world of difference to your financial health.

December 11, 2013: Hard Times Bible

Written not by a 'chinless wonder' with no concept of the real world that we live in, but by one who has been there, done it and still wearing the tee shirt!

Author's Note:
I have written this book in the hope that it may help others experiencing hardship, and who are at a loss as to how to cope. We all need friends, someone to lean on during hard times, someone to be there with a few words of advice on where or how to find a way of stretching your money a little further, someone to sit down with you, to help work things out and make life more manageable. Look upon this book as your 'Best Friend'. Keep it with you and pick it up whenever you need a little help, or just a little inspiration. You may think that some of the hints and tips are pretty radical, crazy even, but this little book tells how I cope, how I manage on a miniscule income. It's not easy - but with determination and a little help from your 'Best Friend' you can manage your life and turn things around. My final word to you is this - 'Keep your chin up, try your best not to let it get you down because things will seem even blacker if you do - Count your blessings, count and be thankful for what you have, and don't waste your time dwelling on, and longing for, things you haven't got'

Anne Warwick was born the eldest of 5 children in Finchley, North London, moved to a small market town in Suffolk at age 6 with mother and siblings when parents marriage broke up. Educated in local primary and secondary schools, left school at age 15, married and became a parent at age 16. - divorced with 4 children 8 years later. Worked at everything from bar work, farm work, fruit picking, house cleaning and restaurant work to soft-toy and dressmaking from home to make ends meet while children were young. Embarked on a career in photography when children began to leave home, became disillusioned with the 'rat race' after 10 years and switched to being an agency Carer, caring for elderly and disabled people in their own homes until I retired. Children have all grown and flown; She has 12 grand-children, 7 great grand-children and now live in an old farm cottage in rural France with 3 cats! (Other hobbies - Reading, writing stories for my little ones, photography, painting, sketching and drawing, craft work, DIY, and gardening)


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Available: December 11, 2013